George Roundy

George RoundyWhat’s most important to me?


"To me, being part of a community means being known, connected, and supported, while supporting others in my community to thrive. In my work with homeless people, I've learned that the reason so many of them wind up on the streets is a breakdown in community and in their social network.

I believe that we need to treat everyone with dignity and respect, while supporting programs that help people living in poverty to develop strong, supportive communities. A few years ago, the very experience of being a member of a peer group of homeless people developing solutions to ending their own homelessness is what led a previously homeless friend of mine to turn his life around. I've seen this time and again. When people have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives, it builds their self-esteem, their responsibility for having their life work and it opens up the opportunity to for them to be supported to move their life forward.

I support Judy for the legislature because I know that she shares my belief in the power of community and working together to solve our problems."