Important Issues Facing Arizona


Judy Books

I grew up in Arizona at a time when  my dad could support our family of five on his teaching salary. When I became a teacher, I could continue to do the work I loved and still get by, even after becoming a single mom. More recently, though, I volunteered with a master 2nd grade teacher who had to work four jobs to make ends meet. She finally left Arizona for a much better-paying job teaching in another state. Her story is far from unique.

As a mom, teacher, and grandmother, it breaks my heart that this year children in over 1,800 Arizona classrooms had no permanent qualified teacher. We’re failing to give children their chance at the American dream and failing our state’s economy. We must do better – and we can. I’ve learned over and again the power of listening and working together to get things done.

Quality Jobs


We Arizonans are hard-working, smart, and independent. In recent years though, we’ve sometimes missed out on the opportunity for new good-paying jobs because major corporations have decided NOT to establish headquarters in Arizona. They’ve cited our state’s lack of commitment to our public education system as a major reason. 

As a mom and teacher in our community, I know we have the potential to create a strong workforce for the 21st century. It’s time that we invest in education at all levels, including career and technical education.  All of our kids deserve the opportunity to live up to their potential and become contributing members of our community.

As your State Representative, I will work together with anyone who will help grow opportunities for business and good-paying jobs for all working families.

Health Care


Perhaps like you, I have friends who find it impossible to afford health insurance, despite doing everything right: sacrificing to get an education, pursuing their dreams, and working hard in respected careers. When they wind up in emergency rooms, it’s financially disastrous for them.

No one should have to go bankrupt because they’re sick.

All Arizonans, including loved-ones with pre-existing conditions, deserve affordable quality health care and prescriptions. State-level solutions including telemedicine, dental care for pregnant women, and allowing people to buy into AHCCCS at no cost to taxpayers would reduce costs and be a win for everyone.



Growing up in Arizona, I had the privilege of exploring the unique beauty of our deserts, canyons, and forests with my family. Today, our beautiful home faces the far-reaching effects of climate change. Rising temperatures, air pollution, and water contamination pose serious threats to our very way of life. Arizonans are rightly demanding that we address these challenges. We need clean, renewable energy generation and policies that not only protect our environment, climate and health, but also provide us with economic and social benefits. It’s crucial as well that we plan now to ensure that we have a safe water supply.

I will work with scientists, environmental experts, and business leaders to ensure responsible policies so that future generations will have a healthy, sustainable environment in which to raise their families.

Covid-19 Recovery

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This unprecedented time of Covid-19 has affected everyone in some way whether physically, emotionally, or financially. So it’s more important than ever that we listen to each other – as well as to public health and safety experts about how to proceed in a way that’s respectful of everyone’s needs

We bear varying weights and play different roles in this challenging time. I’ve been so inspired by the everyday heroes in health care, teaching, grocery stores, delivery work, and others who are working so hard during this difficult time. And I’m grateful for everyone who’s has stepped up to check in on each other, make masks, buy take-out from our local restaurants, and more: even simply staying home as much as possible to help keep others safe and healthy.

We’re living proof that we all do better when we listen to one another and work together. So, together, we will find a path forward that both supports the local businesses so important to our community and protects those who are most vulnerable. We need strong, smart leadership from our elected officials to bring us together to face this challenge and restore our health, hearts, and financial security.