Marilyn Rampley

Marilyn RampleyWhat’s most important to me?


When I examine the science, I’m horrified, genuinely frightened, and urgently motivated to immediately enact laws and institute practices, as well as educate folks, about the importance of reducing carbon emissions and taking other positive environmental steps.

I grew up in the oilfields of New Mexico. My father’s work there supported our lower middle class life and paid for my college. It never occurred to me that oil would not always fuel transportation, home heating, and industry. I now know that our dependence on fossil fuels is the leading challenge to our very existence as a species. My grandchildren deserve a chance to enjoy our magnificent earth, breathe clean air, drink clear water, be safe from unstable weather patterns, avoid cancer and diseases caused by pollution, and live meaningful and safe lives.

Judy will "get it done". I’ve known her for many years, worked alongside her, and observed her clarity of thought, sense of purpose, and drive for excellence.