Our Stories

My 4-year-old granddaughter recently handed her daddy a small Post-it note and asked him to write down the most important things. It made me think. Most of us probably COULD write what matters most to us on a small piece of paper.

I’d like to hear what issue is most important to you – and a brief 2-3 sentence story about why.

Each of us deserves to be heard and represented. I’d be honored to learn your story – and for you to possibly allow me to share it and your photo with others. You may also choose to be anonymous.

What's most important to you?

Kathleen Abernathy

Marilyn RampleyWhat’s most important to me?


I grew up on a farm, so from an early age I saw the importance of working together as a team. My father told me equality is like Clydesdales pulling the wagon: it only happens if we’re all in harmony and moving forward. For a little girl, that was a perfect way to explain how people need to work together.

I like Judy because she has a strong sense of fairness and civility. She’s informed on the issues, and she has a background in education and as a parent. 


Marilyn Rampley

Marilyn RampleyWhat’s most important to me?


When I examine the science, I’m horrified, genuinely frightened, and urgently motivated to immediately enact laws and institute practices, as well as educate folks, about the importance of reducing carbon emissions and taking other positive environmental steps.

I grew up in the oilfields of New Mexico. My father’s work there supported our lower middle class life and paid for my college. It never occurred to me that oil would not always fuel transportation, home heating, and industry. I now know that our dependence on fossil fuels is the leading challenge to our very existence as a species. My grandchildren deserve a chance to enjoy our magnificent earth, breathe clean air, drink clear water, be safe from unstable weather patterns, avoid cancer and diseases caused by pollution, and live meaningful and safe lives.

Judy will "get it done". I’ve known her for many years, worked alongside her, and observed her clarity of thought, sense of purpose, and drive for excellence.


Jolie Roundy

Rivko KnoxWhat’s most important to me?


I believe safety is the foundation for everything. For me, that safety comes from having the freedom to express ourselves, to go to school, to read what we want, to love who we love, and worship where we feel called. My mom used to tell me how lucky we were to be able to practice our religion because in other countries we'd be judged and even persecuted. I've learned how precious that freedom is.

I support Judy for the legislature because I know she gets that, and will work hard to make sure everyone in Arizona is safe to express ourselves.


Rivko Knox

Rivko KnoxWhat’s most important to me?


The foundation of my political activism comes from my moral values, which I describe using the Jewish concept of “Tikkun Olam.” Tikkun Olam posits that kindness repairs the world. I translated that into action by becoming a precinct committeeperson, joining the ACLU, picketing realtors who wouldn’t rent to people of color, becoming active in the League of Women Voters, marching against the Vietnam War, standing up for the rights of farm workers, and on and on.

I’ve been very impressed with her involvement with Desert Progressives Indivisible, which to me shows a true commitment to devote endless resources (her time and energy) to make Arizona more progressive and a better place for all of us to live.


Julie Stockwell

Marie HowellWhat’s most important to me?


As an educator, watching what’s happened in our schools over the last ten years inspired me to get involved at the local level, even though I consider myself a “late bloomer” to the world of activism!

Judy lives and breathes public education. I’m blown away by the way she uses education and knowledge to bring people together.


Marie Howell

Marie HowellWhat’s most important to me?


The most critical issue for me is funding for public education. I am a former teacher and school counselor, the mother of public school teachers, and the grandmother of elementary, high school and college age students enrolled in various Arizona public schools. I’ve experienced firsthand my salary being cut even as I gained more education and years of experience. I’ve watched teachers struggle to provide for their families and needing to work extra jobs to make ends meet. I see classroom numbers increasing and resources decreasing. In-state college tuition costs for community colleges and universities have become exorbitant. We are not keeping up with technology needs or even building maintenance and our teachers deserve a decent living wage for the most important work they do.

I have known Judy Schwiebert for several years as a person of great integrity and dedication to the schools and children of this state. Her experience as an educator will be invaluable in providing desperately needed support for the educational needs of our students and I enthusiastically support her candidacy.


Laura Terech

Laura TerechWhat’s most important to me?


As a teacher, one of my most memorable moments was watching in horror as part of my ceiling collapsed just above a rug full of kindergarten students

Thankfully, I was able to catch the falling pieces and prevent any of my students from getting injured, but it was a stark reminder of just how desperately Arizona schools are in need of funding. Between overcrowded classrooms and dismal teacher pay, our children are falling through the cracks. I know we can do better for them.

With her background as an educator, I believe Judy Schwiebert will add an important voice to our state Legislature, and I’m proud to be volunteering on her campaign!


George Roundy

George RoundyWhat’s most important to me?


"To me, being part of a community means being known, connected, and supported, while supporting others in my community to thrive. In my work with homeless people, I've learned that the reason so many of them wind up on the streets is a breakdown in community and in their social network.

I believe that we need to treat everyone with dignity and respect, while supporting programs that help people living in poverty to develop strong, supportive communities. A few years ago, the very experience of being a member of a peer group of homeless people developing solutions to ending their own homelessness is what led a previously homeless friend of mine to turn his life around. I've seen this time and again. When people have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives, it builds their self-esteem, their responsibility for having their life work and it opens up the opportunity to for them to be supported to move their life forward.

I support Judy for the legislature because I know that she shares my belief in the power of community and working together to solve our problems."